Funing Petroleum Equipment Engineering

Specializing in the R&D, manufacturing and selling of the world's best Fuel Storage and Equipment.

Worry Free Products

Providing the best products in China. 

Food and Consumer products that are authenticated and the highest quality possible.

All products have the exclusive endorsement for product quality and safety by the Chinese Government

Funing Energy

Exclusive stores and gas stations throughout China.

The ability to purchase live and online the best consumer and food products.

Jiangxi Changjiang Beer Co.

Boasting a state of the art factory designed by German engineers, Changjiang Beer Co. manufactures over 19 kinds of beer sold across China 

Jiangxi Sunshine Industrial

Provides top quality electrical power line installation and maintenance services throughout China 

Future Companies

We are looking for the top companies in China, with top management and the most innovative products.
Our next companies to be announced will be in the Industrial, Beverage and Electronic Supplier businesses.